Il nuovo Singolo/Video di Wellworn Banana in anteprima su Son Of Marketing! (Mix Online e Mastering Online)

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Wellworn Banana is the solo project of the Italian musician Ettore Pistolesi, better known for his work with band such as Flying Vaginas, Shout and Poptones. Anytime is the first solo full-length which is out now via MiaCameretta Records and Lady Sometimes Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Filippo Strang at VDSS Recording Studio in Ceprano.

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video of the track “Yo La Song” which shows the granular sound which combines the windy flow of the rough lines, the ethereal melodies and the powerful crescendo intensity. It was directed by Dario Lucarelli.

Pistolesi explains: “The video was shot in an apartment in Prague by a friend of mine, locked up at home in a small apartment. We would like to be free to move like clouds. But unfortunately we are human beings.”

Watch it below.

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